Suselle around the great lakes
Sunset on Lake Ontario

Sunset on Lake Ontario

Sailed back through the Welland Canal on the Labour Day weekend and sailed across Ontario to meet friends who would be spending the weekend on their boats at Toronto Island.

Once settled there I had this strong feeling of anti-climax. I had been so 'up' for the past four months and suddenly it was all over. There certainly was a sense of satisfaction having achieved what I did (I did some research and never found anything about another sailboat having travelled so far in such a short period of time on the Great Lakes - but the chances are someone has).

Sailing Canada magazine contacted me to write an article about the trip in Lake Superior soon afterward which I wrote and was published: "Where Few Sailors Tread", Sailing Canada, January/February 1980.

A number of people I met on the trip and shared dinner and stories included: Lars and Britt on their Hughes 80/20, Ian and Liz on their Bayfield 32, Paul and Nan, John and Lynne, Tim and Rhonda, Hans on a Contessa 26, Bill and Grace on a Hinterholler 28, John and Caroline on a Matilda, Bob and Patti, and Barry on an Albin Vega.

Getting back to work was not that difficult, though I was restless initially.

The trip did spark the desire to do a trip I had always dreamed about - sailing in the beautiful warm waters of the Caribbean - my mind was already in gear...

Trip stats averages based on a 10 hour traveling days:

  • 46% Sailing
  • 21% Motor-sailing
  • 21% Motoring
  • 12% Waiting out bad weather