Suselle cruising the great lakes and bahamas
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Pandora 22 anchored in the North Channel, Lake Huron

My Pandora 22 anchored in the North Channel

This site is about two long distance cruises taken in small sailboats.

The first trip, around the Great Lakes, was made on an English Pandora International 22. I took four months to do the trip, circumnavigating the Great Lakes, though only part of Lake Superior as time constraints limited sailing to the east coast.

I enjoyed this trip so much I decided to plan a trip to the Caribbean as this had always been a dream - though I never imagined I could actually do it. My experiences on the Great Lakes gave me confidence to think seriously about a trip down south.

Seven years later, when I had saved up enough and bought a new Contessa 26, I set off on a trip from Toronto to the Bahamas and back. I decided, on advice from experienced cruising sailors, to take two years to do this trip rather than one. I could not get a leave for this length of time so I quit my job in the hope I would get it back (which I did). The trip went very well, with just a few brief scary parts, and was a great adventure and life experience. I felt totally in my element.

I have included practical information for those thinking about doing such a trip and narrate several stories of my experiences, both good and grim, for those who want to know what adventures like these entail.

I did both trips solo as I really enjoy the quiet and simplicity of single-handing but had the company of my girlfriend on the Great Lakes trip and family and friends visited when I was in the Bahamas. I made good friends with many others cruising sailors and enjoyed their company on many segments of the trip.

I hope you enjoy the photos, people, stories, mishaps, and adventures...

News: I was interviewed by EQUATOR HD about my sailing trips for a promotion for a program called "Setting Sail". Here is a video of the interview which was first shown on EQUATOR HD during November, 2008: Video