Suselle sailing to the bahamas
Sunset at a Bahamian Out Island

Sunset at a Bahamian Out Island

I arrived back in Toronto in June after an uneventful return trip. I wanted to live on the boat on the Toronto Islands where I could re-adapt to living in the city. I was offered my old job back so that was a big relief as I enjoyed the environment there. I arranged to start in September so I could enjoy summer living on my boat as I still had quite a bit of money left.

It was satisfying knowing I did the whole trip with no real problems and I would live to see another day - before the trip I was always concerned knowing there were risks out there though I was reasonably confident I would manage.

I found the city very busy and fast paced compared to what I was used to. Its amazing how you are not aware of that when living in a city. Travelling on the subway I was struck by how tired and tense many people looked - that I really noticed. I had not seen faces like that since I had left. Another thing I noticed was the constant noise level, not the total quiet I had become used to. Surprisingly, I adapted back to life in Toronto and work fairly quickly. My values have changed to some extent. I don't take things so much for granted and appreciate more of what I have and live in a more relaxed fashion.

My quality of life was higher when I was cruising but that may be because the environment suited my innate abilities, skills, love of freedom and independent nature. I like the work I do, fortunately, and enjoy having close friends around again - but I know where I would rather be...

Sailing on Lake Ontario again seemed a bit boring after all the great sailing I had done. Also, since I wanted to invest in real-estate, I decided to sell the boat and use that money as a down-payment. My focus had changed. I got a good price for the boat (the market was quite good at the time) considering it was several years old now and had been through a lot. It was in very good shape though as I had really looked after it.

After a few years I did miss sailing and decided to buy another boat - this time a lighter boat for the Great Lakes, and purchased a nice 26' Beneteau First 24 which I have enjoyed for the past few years. I still go on a cruise each summer to the Thousand Islands on Lake Ontario.