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Website Development

Our prime focus is for static information websites. A database, in conjunction with an Administration website, may also be included to allow clients to provide their own sections of text information on the website. A number of clients have done this to provide, for example, costs for their services.

Sites may include forms for contact information, surveys, or quotations. Bruce Design has developed an excellent slideshow presentation for groups of photos should the user require this feature.

Search Engines

It is important your site can be found on search engines such as Google. A process known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can greatly increase a site's visibility. These aspects are kept very much in mind when developing our websites. We can also provide website viewing statistics to clients.

Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration

Every website needs to be hosted on a web server. This service is available from numerous sources and is very competitive. It is available now for $8 per month for an unlimited size site.

Domain name registration (eg. requires finding out if a domain you want to use is available and then registering the domain.

Web hosting and domain name registration from any third party can be arranged by Bruce Design. Domain registration is often now included in the hosting fee.

Secure login and Database

Some sites require a secure login and a backend database to store information required on the website. Bruce Design can support these features.

Design and Development Process

It is recommended you fill out the Quote form on this website to get an idea for the cost and time required to design and implement your site. For simple static sites(less than five pages) this can be very quick and inexpensive ($300).